How to use the Charts How to use the Charts

Find the Date Charts. Look across the top of the chart for the time span and find the year that you need to research for the date at which you are stuck. Use it like a graph. On the left-hand side you will see the list of archives, where to find them and a page or appendix number for further reference in the 'Helpful Hints' part of the books. Under the time span you will see each archive line is shaded in grey to indicate the years that it are available.

Taking your timeline down the pages of archives, every time that you hit the grey area you should be able to see that archive. Provided that the archive in question is extant for your particular area of the country, since not all the earlier records are available nation-wide. By tracing the year you wish to research down through the list of all the archives you may find an archive that you hadn't thought of before or a suggestion of a new area of research. The Arrow at the end of the line means that the record continues past the date at which the books stop.